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Infotapp TV is the perfect online channel for your business.

In such a competitive, open and polarized environment as today, organizations must get used to living oriented towards continuous search of new scenarios of products and markets, since nothing guarantees them the positioning of today beyond a more or less close time horizon.

Everything changes at such a speed that if we think that adapting to the change we will have assured the survival of the business, we are wrong. Only creators of change and innovators will be assured of its continuity. Innovating has always had risks, but nowadays the greatest risk is not to innovate.

The insertion of technology in business

Infotapp TV is the perfect online channel for your business.

Technology has become an increasingly frequent support that helps and offers better experiences to customers. But it is important to highlight that in order to offer an adequate shopping experience, human contact and people will be vital.. The retail of the future has to be that of H2H (Human to Human).

Our service will help you improve the image of your business, to attract new customers and retain the ones you already have, increasing the sales of the services offered. With our solution, you will have access to our platform where you can create your ads in a really simple way and publish them on the screens you want, both inside your store and in the shop window. In this way, you will inform the clients of your services and promotions in a really simple and effective way.

The personalization and configuration characteristic of Digital Signage perfectly combines the technology of digital signage with personal and personalized treatment, allowing customers to interact with advertising and issuers to adapt the content to the needs of the business.

Digital advertising generates trust in customers.

Digital advertising generates trust in customers.

The way in which the client perceives the way of interacting with your company is defined as the customer experience. All this experience will lead you to elaborate a series of impressions that will determine if you decide to buy your products and services.

The key is no longer the prices, not even the product. What makes the whole gear work is the customer, therefore, the focus should be on understand the customers and in providing personal and personalized treatment.

The key to survive the change is linked to actions such as excite, teach, play and entertain customers

"Selling experiences"

The leading companies at present will be those that instead of selling their products and services are able to associate these with sensations, which will be perceived by their customers.

The product and services have become commodities, anyone can have access to them. Therefore, the differential value of your offer will fall on the value contributed by the experiences associated with the goods and services you commercialize.

What does Infotapp TV offer you?


Design your online ad

We have created an online ad editor so that, comfortably and from anywhere, you can publish the ads you want.


Infotapp TV Magazine

Our magazine pursues the maxim of exciting, teaching, playing or entertaining customers to make the shopping experience in your business memorable.


Real-time content

Interesting content always updated and adapted to different audiences, businesses or situations.


Infotapp TV Player

We offer you the player that best suits your needs.


Infotapp Fancy Music

Create a pleasant and welcoming environment for your clients with a selection of the best playlists by genre and free of Copyright.


Infotapp Canarian Fragancies

The choice of a good scent for your establishment will make your customers feel more comfortable.


Dynamic advertising and analytics

Infotapp TV offers solutions to measure, analyze and optimize the experience in your establishment with the aim of improving engagement and increasing sales.


Social WiFi

Secure Internet access in your business in exchange for a social login, an email or an action that will provide you with endless advantages.


Extra Services

Services focused on retail thinking and the understanding of the needs and motivations of your clients.

What kind of business do you have?

Preview your content


Real Estate

Manage comfortably and remotely, ads for homes that appear in your storefront.

See Real Estate channel



Your clients will have all kinds of updated information about the city, your hotel, your offers and thus they will have all the local information in real time.

See channel Hotels



Use our special content of health, healthy living, nutrition and lifestyle to offer your clients entertainment in your waiting room.

See Health Channel



Improve the image of your business and increase the number of customers.

See channel shops


Bars and Cafes

Offer promotions of your products on screen in real time, make your customers interact with your business through Infotapp TV.

See hostelry Channel



In Infotapp TV we offer a completely personalized service, if your business needs a special configuration...

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Trust our Infotapp TV solution and use the communication system of the future.


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Custom Contents

You will enjoy your own programming and geolocated.

Customize Infotapp TV to your liking

Happy Customers

You will improve the experience that your clients have when they are in your business.

Your customers they are the most important thing

Increase sales

You will increase the loyalty and entry of new customers.

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Greater visibility

Improve communication with our solution digital signage.

Your offers in real time

Cost savings

Reduce the expense of time and money you invest in promoting your business.

Advertising cheaper

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