Your customers connect to WiFi without consuming their mobile data, and also receive coupons and offers in real time.

It is the possibility of accessing a secure internet in a private place in exchange for a social login, an email or an action.

Any customer that is in your establishment can connect to a secure WiFi network as easily as entering any profile of their social networks. They do not have to register for the service, nor do they have to enter passwords. In this way, all are advantages: the customer does not consume their mobile data, and your business receives information of great value (such as email, age, gender ...) and this data can be used to offer personalized campaigns.

Advantages of Infotapp Social WiFi

1. Control the connection time of your clients.

2. It attracts new customers thanks to the recommendations that users make through the network.

3. It exerts a great power of customer loyalty, by offering a quality service according to the new technological needs of customers.

4. Facilitates the creation of a database. Combine this service with our analytical tools to obtain more information.

5. It encourages the brand image. An innovative and modernized business will always be welcomed as a company adapted to the new times. This recognition can even lead to the engagement.

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